Our Approach

It is simple by giving 150 percent at what we do. Cross every T and Dot Every i to make sure everything is spelled out on everything we do. Our attention to details and what we are doing for our clients is of the highest standards. We have a great staff, products that is improving all the time. With years of knowledge, we are able to deliver organized turnkey projects to our clients and contractors. That takes the pain and suffering out of the entire process.

Meet the Owner


Salvatore Vigliotti

Founder & CEO

Many of you have known us by Divinity Construction for the past eight years. Recently a Licensing partner left that company due to age and personal health issues and we forced us to close down Divinity Construction. Luckly, we had Divinity Group Inc. a holding company we have been storing our assets in. While the transition is done from holdings company to actual working corporation. Sal will be getting his own license, so this never happens again. Sal Qualifies by a long shot and will be attending school to get the proper state paperwork out of the way asap. while that happens, we are working through other contractors in the meantime. Everyone has gotten to call out company a place to get work done timely and properly for many years now. We plan to continue this and in the very near future we will be building homes. Many of them. So may God Bless Your Journey as God always does for us and we hope to see you soon.

We love our job and look forward to helping your dreams become a reality. We are very good at what we do and look forward to working with you.